Argumentative Essay About Multilingualism

This essay contest is ready to accept school and school students 18 years old and older aroundtheworld and encourages them to publish an essay on the UN-related concept of education other than principal language or their mother tongue in an official UN terminology. The theory behind the contest, prepared from the Us Educational Affect (UNAI) and ELS Educational Services, would be to pay homage towards the affect and benefit of multilingualism and increase dialogue and controversy with and among young people around the Post 2015 development goal.

Engaging individuals were needed to produce a 2,000-term dissertation on the topic related to the post-2015 improvement plan in almost any of the state U.N. languages, Arabic, Asian, British, German, Russian and Spanish - the condition being the dialect picked was not the individual's first language or key language of education during pre-university study.

The individuals were selected as winners 250 individuals, of the Numerous Languages, One World International Essay Contest among a pool of over 1. Many learners published the dissertation inside their fourth or next language, one person even yet in his seventh language.

The idea behind the tournament, organized by the United Nations Educational Impact (UNAI) and ELS Educational Providers, is to pay tribute for the influence and benefit of multilingualism and encourage dialogue and discussion with and among teenagers to the Post 2015 development goal.

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