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Evaluating Youth's Buying Tendencies regards Sport Shoes (Adidas Shoe) Hamed Derakhshide(Corresponding Author)

MA college student of Organization Management In University of Isfahan

Matching Author Address: Iran- Isfahan-University Of Isfahan - Shahid Tondgouyan DormitoryRoom 213. Mohammad Kazem Emadzadeh

Associate Professor Of Rules Department For University Of Isfahan Talk about: Iran- Isfahan- University Of Isfahan- Teachers of Administrative Sciences And Economics- Rules Department.


The aim of this paper is usually evaluating thinking and patterns of the youth's buying behavior towards branded sports shoes. The buyer's best goal is to buy the merchandise of qualitative, quantitative with low/best affordable price. In order to determine different kinds of consumer's behavior to buying of diverse branded shoes or boots and Adidas sports shoes. We certainly have carried out ordering behavior of youth and different kind of buyer behavior models, literature and theory of consumer tendencies. At the end, we all concluded with research based upon questionnaire of Adidas shoes and boots and case studies of Nike sports shoes in University of Isfahan.

Keywords: Adidas, College or university Of Isfahan, Buying Tendencies, Youth. 1 . Introduction

Consumers are continuously selecting among the numerous products although they are unaware of the products and usage, although they are intentionally purchasing the many new brands without any understanding of the new items, furthermore if perhaps new company enters in the market, for every consumer it is rather difficult to be familiar with features of the news products and this will make confusion among the consumers to discover the information. By way of example: If 1 local business enters in to the market then to gain the ability about the characteristics of the new product, it will take very long time for the consumers to know (Ray, 1973). According to Kotler (1994), consumer behavior is the study of how people buy, what they buy, when they buy and why they buy. It is just a subcategory of promoting that blends elements by psychology, sociology, socio psychology, anthropology and economics. That attempts to know the buyer decision making process, both equally individually in addition to groups. This studies qualities of specific consumers just like demographics, psychographics, and behavioral variables so that they can understand persons needs. Additionally, it tries to assess influences around the consumer by group including family good friends, reference teams, and culture in general (Kotler, 1994) such as while consumers purchase the sneaker, then they go for family decision, comfort, fulfillment, price and quality. Just about every family member noesn't need the same opinion to buy the same product; several family members have different choice to get the product. Therefore , in one family consumer behavior is different (Kotler, 1994). And so the purpose of this kind of study is usually to contribute to a much better knowledge of consumer buying tendencies towards purchasing the trainers. The aim of the analysis is to identify the elements influencing the youth in purchasing Nike sports shoes. installment payments on your LITERATURE REVIEW

Consumer-buying patterns according to Kotler (2004, p. 601) is defined as " The ordering behavior customers – people and property holds who also buy services and goods for personal ingestion. ” the term ‘consumer' can be described as a person who acquires goods and services intended for self pleasure is often utilized to describe two different kinds of eating entities: the individual consumers plus the organizational consumers. The personal buyers buy goods and services for his or her own employ. In this framework the goods will be bought intended for final make use of by specific, who are organizational customers, encompasses for profit and not for profit business, gov departments, institutions, all of them must buy products, equipment and services to be able to run their particular organization (Kotler, 2004). You will find three types of...

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Figure 2 . 1: Consumer behavior model (Yeowzah, 2003)


Availability, Cost

Figure installment payments on your 2: Zoom lens model (Hauser, 1993)

(registered in 1949)

Adolf Dassler

Footwear, sportswear, sports products, toiletries

€11. 99 billion dollars (2010)

€894 million (2010)

€567 million (2010)

€10. 62 billion (end 2010)[

€4. 616 billion dollars (end 2010)

42, 540 (end 2010)[

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