A Literary Analysis Of Still Alice

 Essay on the Literary Examination Of Still Alice

п»їA Literary Analysis of Still Alice

Still Alice (Genova, 2009) is a captivating debut novel about a 50-year-old woman's abrupt decline in to early onset Alzheimer's disease. The book is authored by first time writer Lisa Genova, who retains a PH LEVEL. D in neuroscience by Harvard University. She's as well an online columnist for the national Alzheimer's association. Her other ebooks include Still left Neglected and Love Anthony. She lives with her husband and two children in Cape Cod. The concept of the the book is related to the early onset Alzheimer's disease and just how the main personality, Alice Howland's quality of life or perhaps in other words her lifestyle is definitely affected as a result of disease she actually is diagnosed with (Genova, 2009). The novel outdoor sheds light on the lives of people struggling with this kind of horrendous disease of the head and how their lives and individuals in choices affected and disturbed as a result of it. The life span and day to day activities of an early on-set Alzheimer's disease individual worsens over time, if right counseling classes and treatment are not done; their scenario will get even worse and cause severe injury to their mental health. Since the story commences, everyday quarrels reside in the Howland household. From their most youthful daughter Lydia's ongoing dispute about her future, to Alice and John's own relationship, every while their busy lives ensue. Why couldn't Lydia be like the others of her family? Her brother Tom and sister Anna adopted in their parent's footsteps. Going to college and having good careers was their life style. John is known as a biologist and Alice a professor of linguistics, both of them work at Harvard University. Lydia is the outcast of the relatives. She moves the world, is worry free, and plans to be a great actress. The hectic lives of both Alice and John weigh on their romantic relationship. Tension boosts with the history as Alice is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease. The coping abilities of Alice and her family with her analysis set the tone intended for the story. Alice's internal issue consumes her, although the lady tries to hardly ever let Alzheimer's disease establish her. She is upset with herself to get forgetting points, yet attempts to come up with causes as to why she is forgetting. Her father requires the brunt of all Alice's anger. Her hatred intended for him develops. Why would he use the lives of her mother and sister? Could it be his wrong doing Alice has Alzheimer's? Alice continues with a strong wish to contribute to culture. The when estranged relationship between Alice and her daughter Lydia gradually boosts, and a daughter finds solace in a mother she never knew. A husband, who at one time stood by simply his partner through every thing, surprises his family and leaves his ailing wife lurking behind for a fresh job option. Still Alice is advised in the third person viewpoint with limited omniscience. The narrator is definitely Alice Howland, the main figure of the history. Through the publication we are able to look at the way Alice is feeling, looking through her sight as the storyplot unfolds. Nevertheless , in the last chapter on this novel the actual of look at changes to her husband, Steve Howland. Visitors are able to appear on while John lives his your life away from Alice in Ny. The primary environment for still Alice (Genova, 2009) is in Cambridge Massachusetts were the key character Doctor Alice Howland lives with her husband, John Howland, and educates cognitive psychology at Harvard University. Different settings consist of their home in Chatham Ma where Alice and Steve go to vacation. The main character is Doctor Alice Howland a modern middle aged professional woman. She's a brilliant teacher experiencing mental glitches just like forgetting anything while giving a lecture, misplacing keys, etc . Alice thinks this is due to impending menopause, middle section age or even stress. But she hasn't gone through perimenopause and she's not sense stressed. The defining second is when ever Alice does not remember her method home although jogging in Harvard sq (p. 21). Suspecting that something is wrong and without sharing with her...



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