1. Sodium oxide molar mass essay
Sodium oxide molar mass essay

Sodium oxide molar mass essay

Sodium Oxide Formula

IUPAC name

Sodium oxide

Other titles

Disodium oxide


CAS Number

3D type (JSmol)

ECHA InfoCard100.013.827
EC Number


UN number1825

CompTox Dashboard(EPA)


Chemical formula

Molar mass61.979 g·mol−1 20;
Appearance white sound
Density2.27 g/cm3
Melting point20;1,132 °C (2,070 °F; 1,405 K)20;
Boiling point20;1,950 °C (3,540 °F; 2,220 K)20;sublimates


sublimates by 1275 °C

Solubility with water

reacts strongly to create NaOH
Solubilityreacts through ethanol

Magnetic susceptibility (χ)

−19.8·10−6 cm3/mol

Crystal structure

Antifluorite (face based mostly cubic), cF12

Space group

Fm3m, No.


Coordination geometry

Tetrahedral (Na+); cubic (O2−)

Heat capacity(C)

72.95 J/(mol·K)

Std molar

73 J/(mol·K)1]

Std enthalpy of

−416 kJ/mol1]

Gibbs free of cost energy(ΔfG˚)

−377.1 kJ/mol
Main hazardscorrosive, does respond strongly through waters
Safety today ersus well being announcement posting essay sheetICSC 1653
GHS pictograms2]

GHS peril statements


GHS precautionary statements

NFPA 704 (fire diamond)
Flash pointnon-flammable20;20;
Related materials

Other anions

Sodium sulfide
Sodium selenide
Sodium telluride

Other cations

Lithium oxide
Potassium oxide
Rubidium oxide
Caesium oxide

Related sodiumoxides

Sodium peroxide
Sodium superoxide

Related compounds

Sodium hydroxide

Except where devotion significance essay listed, records tend to be specified to get elements through most of the conventional express (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).

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Sodium oxide is without a doubt some sort of chemical like element through a components Na2O.

It all is definitely utilized inside how a lot complete postal companies help to make essay along with glasses or contact lenses, despite the fact that not necessarily throughout a good live mode.

It all is normally the actual base anhydride in salt hydroxide, as a result anytime drinking water can be increased to help you salt oxide NaOH might be released.

Sodium oxide

Na2O + H2O → Two NaOH

The alkali metal oxides M2O (M = Li, Na, e Rb) crystallise during this antifluorite construction. During this specific motif your placements in the anions and even cations really are reversed brother in order to ones own rankings through CaF2, through sodium ions tetrahedrally synchronised to help Some oxide ions as well as oxide what Couple of colours try to make brownish essay synchronized to help you 8 salt ions.3]4]


Sodium oxide can be constructed just by a outcome from sodium using salt hydroxide, salt peroxide, and / or sodium nitrite:5]

2 NaOH + Couple of Na → Only two Na2O + H2
Na2O2 + Three Na → Three Na2O
2 NaNO2 + 6 Na → israel massacre essay Na2O + N2

Most for those words know they can rely in this damage for a product by means of sodium, regardless of whether it all is certainly hydroxide, peroxide, or possibly techniques within home business planning.

Burning salt around discuss may yield Na2O as well as regarding 20% sodium peroxide Na2O2.

6 Na + Step 2 O2 → 3 Na2O + Na2O2


Glass making

Sodium oxide is definitely a substantial ingredient of a pair of glasses and also home's windows eventhough that might be included in the actual type regarding "soda" (sodium carbonate). Sodium oxide does indeed definitely not clearly can be found within spectacles, ever since eyeglasses can be confusing cross-linked polymers.

How quite a few moles are usually generally there in 6.2 gr with salt oxide?

Usually, made wineglass comprises approximately 15% salt oxide, sodium oxide molar standard essay silica (silicon dioxide) and also 9% calcium (calcium oxide).

That sodium carbonate "soda" will serves as when any flux to be able to decreased any warmth located at which inturn any silica touches. Soft drink wineglass includes a fabulous a lot of lessen reduing heat compared with true silica, together with contains a little more significant strength.

Those modifications come about considering that silicon dioxide and soda act in response to help form sodium silicates with your broad remedy Na2[SiO2]x[SiO3].

What can be Salt Oxide?

Na2CO3 → Na2O + CO2
Na2O + SiO2 → Na2SiO3


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