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Activity of Gastrointestinal Smooth Muscles: Worksheet

Please Ensure That You Include Completed The Calculations In Tables 1-3 Before You Answer The Worksheet Concerns

Table 1 ) The effects of phentolamine and atropine on the contractile response to nerve stimulation (20 Hz) in the isolated bunny ileum

Compression amplitude pre-nerve stimulation

Compression amplitude together with the maximum respond to nerve activation Effect of neurological stimulation on the contraction extravagance


Optimum – Bare minimum

102. 3mV-98. 8mV

=3. 5mV

Maximum – Minimum

102. 4mV-101. 2mV

=1. 2mV

Communicate the effect of nerve activation as % change (from pre-nerve excitement to optimum response to neurological stimulation): (-3. 5+1. 2)*100/3. 5 = -65. 7%

with phentolamine




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