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Case Study: Marty's Shoes


The idea of this assignment is always to learn how to create a business alter plan on the foundation of a example. This plan can appeal considerably to your familiarity with advisory abilities and skills for the management of change. Solving the case is made up of specific Extended Enterprise factors. This puts the content of the course in the context of this semester.

Case description:

Marty's Shoes Ltd.

Marty‟s Sneakers was founded as being a factory in 1948 simply by Mr. L. van Leer, the father of the present controlling director, Mister. S. van Leer (61). His organization now has a hundred seventy five employees. The managing representative of Marty‟s Shoes is locally and regionally popular as Sijmen van Leer, who performs an important part in public existence next to his placement as managing director.

According to situation inside the shoemaking sector, Sijmen truck Leer enunciated some quite positive comments in a recent interview using a regional magazine.

Some several weeks later Mister. Van Adivinar received the preliminary total annual financial statements of his company. Bearing in mind the future presentation of the annual figures, his accountant wrote an accompanying letter, concluding that success has greatly decreased over the last couple of years. This is caused by a greater increase in expenditure within turnover.

The quality of Marty‟s Shoes and boots products is high. Customarily shoes are to a great degree manufactured personally by pros who have worked well for the company for many years. Marty‟s shoes encounters stiff competition from China and Romania, countries that used to produce inexpensive bulk products, but that are increasingly moving to top quality footwear. These competitors are able to produce at lower cost: all their wage-levels happen to be lower and, contrary to Marty‟s Shoes, each uses the most recent methods.

Apart from 08, Marty‟s Shoes has not produced any investments over the past five years. There may be hardly any embrace production. Chances are some thirty per cent of the proceeds is exported to foreign countries. Product sales are done in a routine that has been related for many years. The quantity of retail investors is lessening. The trend is towards larger retail chains, with more buying power and the rise of sites retailers. The figures do show, however , that Marty‟s Shoes solvency is quite very good, due to continuing pay-off of debts. Yet, the question is as to the extent

failing to invest impact on the benefits, the scrivener concludes.

Mr. Van Leer meets with the general managing staff in the company every single two weeks. Up coming to the taking care of director they may be:

-Peter Nagel (48), head of the administrative department, actually employed in the accounting division. Nagel has been practicing for Marty‟s Shoes Limited. for many years and is also responsible for every administrative affairs, although this individual and his office have fairly little personal contact with production and revenue.

-Wim van Tongeren (53), head of HRM (Human Resource Management). In his youthful years he started at Marty‟s Shoes being a production worker, left the business for a couple of years to study mindset, and on his return worked in the HRM department, which he is the head for earlier times two years.

-Elsbeth IJser (40), production administrator. She has also worked intended for Marty‟s Sneakers for many years. She's also responsible for the design office, with a handful of budding designers. She consults with the brain of purchasing and sales on the weekly basis and is worried about the declining number of instructions. She sees that the cost of production is too high when compared with competition, but is hesitant to move production to low-wage countries in view of associated with loss of top quality and time force effects.

-Felix Voeten (29), head purchasing and sales. Voeten joined the organization only 36 months ago. This individual...



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