case of wrong selecting

 case of wrong selecting Essay

Most of Intentions

Final Case Examination

Group 5:

Chris Griffin

Juan Miralles Portal

Larissa Shorter

Zach Smith

Shelby Westbrook

MIE 435, Springtime 2010

North Carolina State School


Circumstance Overview1

Essential Issues2

The Hiring Decision3

Survey to Identify Internal and External Employee Discrimination4 Dinner Event to market Client/Employee Awareness5



Works Cited10

Appendix A11


This case study discusses a scenario occurring by AgFunds, an accounting organization who like virtually any firm, strives to be the best lawn mowers of their market. AgFunds manages a number of finance, including accounting and purchases for maqui berry farmers across the country. This type of branch is situated in rural area of Arkansas. The demographics of AgFunds' management comprise mainly of older white colored men, except for Ms. Cynthia Mitchell, a white woman with an MBA from the University of Kansas.

Cynthia Mitchell began as a great investment trainee in the firm and after graduating at the top of her trainee class, the girl was expecting to be awarded an open location in Indianapolis. To her shock, she lost the position to a noticeably significantly less qualified guy named Costs Hawkins. Cynthia was afterwards given the reason from Robert Graves, her interviewer, " Eventually you can a better representative than Expenses. I know that and you are aware of it. But this just wasn't the right area for you. It is extremely conservative. Each of our customers didn't be comfortable doing business with a woman. ” Mike continually say, " One day likely to thank me for not putting you into a situation exactly where you'd are unsuccessful. ” Cynthia moved up in the organization through a several route and now, as section manager of Arkansas, she actually is in the position to find a " powerhouse rep” to get the section back to the degree of business it must be conducting. This lady has found all of the qualities she's seeking within a representative in Steve Ripley, a dark-colored man with undeniable talent.

In respect to Cynthia's supervisor, the Arkansas area is no place for a dark-colored man to work with farmers and they will not trust a black man with their literature. Therefore , Mr. Jones, would not see Steve Ripley's job as being good at AgFunds and does not suggest Cynthia hire him despite the fact that Steve is among the best trainees they've got in years. Uneasy on the situation, Cynthia determines to meet with Steve to openly treat the situation. The lady told Steve about her conversation with Paul Jones and how firm executives thought that all hiring him for that district would " set him up for failure”. Steve lay back and listened then shared his thoughts. Ultimately, he would like to live in the area for private reasons but does not desire to be a certain failure in the position. Dorrie states, " I don't mind lengthy odds, but I don't want difficult odds. ” He determines to keep the decision up to Cynthia Mitchell. CRITIAL CONCERNS

The main query we want to deal with is if Cynthia is going to employ Steve or perhaps not. Based on what the girl decides you will find different outcomes. If your woman chooses to use Steve to work in her district, the business could be at risk of losing a number of the bigger customers in that area. If the lady does not associated with hire, the guilt she gets could adversely affect her performance in the long run as she would feel she is working for an organization that can be applied unfair policies. In addition , this can start a harmful trend of not employing the best offered candidates. In addition there are legal implications that must be taken into consideration. As far as the standpoint of AgFunds' administration, we find it to be a major problem when the business would be ready to apply discriminatory policies since they think will probably be beneficial to the corporation. The real question for them to request is whether it really is ethical. On the globe we stay in, companies need to compare themselves to each other on a number of different aspects, including their moral values. It will...

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