Comparing and Contrasting "Barn Burning" and "A Went up for Emily"

 Comparing and Contrasting «Barn Burning» and «A Flower for Emily» Essay

Seeker Taylor

Dr . William Bedford

English 1102-011

10 Sept 2013

Contrasting and Contrasting " A Rose intended for Emily” and " Barn Burning”

In William Faulkner's short tales " A Rose for Emily” and " Hvalp Burning” the characters are guilty of carrying out terrible offences. However , Miss Emily in " A Rose pertaining to Emily” and Abner Snopes in " Barn Burning” are both pictured very in different ways from each other. A few points to consider while browsing these brief stories is usually how these characters is characterized, how the author produces sympathy for the characters, and the order in which the events in these stories happen.

The way Faulkner characterizes Miss Emily and Abner Snopes throughout these types of stories is very different. In " A Rose pertaining to Emily”, Miss Emily is definitely characterized like a respected, weak, and possibly mentally ill older woman whose pride leaves her surviving in the past the moment her family was larger up on the social ladder. There are many instances of these attributes being demonstrated throughout the tale. When the smell begins to exhale from Miss Emily's house, a few guys from city snuck above there during nighttime and " broke open up the cellar door and sprinkled lime green there, and all the outbuildings” (Emily 81). This demonstrates how weak Miss Emily was to extinguish the smell by himself and how the townsfolk highly regarded her enough to preserve her dignity. The fact that Colonel Sartoris were required to invent the story that " Miss Emily's father had loaned funds to the town, which the area, as a couple of business, preferred this way of repaying” (Emily 79), with reference to her income taxes being remitted, illustrates how prideful she was, and her denial of her father's loss of life (Emily 81) indicates her unwillingness to let go of the past and the presence of any mental illness (while her sleeping having a dead body for roughly forty years is verification of her mental illness).

In " Hvalp Burning”, Abner Snopes is definitely characterized being a psychopathic renter farmer in whose family...

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