Contrasting By the Seas of Babylon and The Epic of Gilgamesh

 Essay upon Comparing By the Waters of Babylon plus the Epic of Gilgamesh

" By waters of Babylon” Vs Epic of Gilgamesh.

A lot of stories relating to religions and cultures include lot of similarities and differences, despite the fact that they can be not through the same period of time. Humans used these kinds of stories and writings to express their lifestyle and faith based views. " By the Seas of Babylon” is very just like the writings from the Mesopotamian articles in The Epic of Gilgamesh more specificlay " The story of the flood” and " The Return”. These commonalities include many gods in both, a distinctive quality in the characters of both than can include " born to greatness”, people of both writings cause their death themselves, Ruben and Gilgamesh Come home with lessons. etc In most of all ancient impact on, there are characters in the stories, who will be born for some kind of success, or we can say, a unique type of person. In " By the Marine environments of Babylon” when David and his dad goes to the dead places, John, explains that only clergyman can touch metal and are also believed to have got special forces that simply no other normal human being may have, " and after that he who touches the metal has to be a priest or the child of a priest” (Benet 75). This shows how is definitely John created to success, being the son of any priest and will touch steel wherever this individual wants. The priests are believed to have particular powers that no different normal human being would have. This kind of compares to the Epic of Gilgamesh, when Author of Epic of Gilgamesh stated " 2/3 they produced him the almighty and a third man” (Prologue). This displays how Gilgamesh was born to greatness with 1/3 qualities of gentleman and 2/3 of god and this analyzes the given birth to to achievement in the writings. Some religions and cultures have confidence in one our god; monotheistic religions, and others have confidence in many gods; polytheistic religions. In " By the Waters of Babylon” Benet's main character, Steve, speaks in the Place of the Gods, " It is not allowed to mix the great riv and look after the place that was the Host to the Gods...



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