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by simply Jack Ur. Gibb

(Transcribed by a mimeographed paper learned at the College or university of Toledo, 4/88. Modified only to decrease gender-specific sources. des — Note: The original text, with references, looks in Appendix C in the Trust publication. Jack has said that this content, which left research performed for the Office of Naval Research, " has been more widely distributed than any of my other guides. " ) One way to appreciate communication should be to view it as being a people process rather than a language process. In the event one is to make fundamental improvement in communication, one must make changes in social relationships. 1 possible sort of alteration—and normally the one with which this paper is concerned—is those of reducing the degree of defensiveness. Explanation and Value

Shielding behavior is understood to be that tendencies which happens when an person perceives risk or anticipates threat in the group. The individual who acts defensively, though he or she likewise gives a lot of attention to the most popular task, dedicates an remarkable portion of strength to guarding himself or perhaps herself. Besides talking about the topic, he considers how he appears to others, how he might be seen even more favorably, how he may win, dominate, impress or avoid punishment, and how he might avoid or perhaps mitigate a perceived attack. Such inner feelings and outward functions tend to generate similarly protective postures in others; and, if unrestrained, the ensuing circular response becomes increasingly dangerous. Defensive behavior, in short, engenders defensive hearing, and this consequently produces postural, facial and verbal tips which boost the defense amount of the original communicator. Defense arousal prevents the listener by concentrating upon the meaning. Not only do defensive communicators send off multiple benefit, motive and affect cues, but as well defensive recipients distort the actual receive. Like a person becomes more and more defensive, he or she turns into less and less capable to perceive accurately the purposes, the beliefs and the emotions of the fernsehsender. The writer's analysis of tape noted discussions revealed that increases in defensive tendencies were related positively with losses in efficiency in communication. (2) The speak, moreover, also is true. A lot more " supportive" or defense-reductive the local climate, the less the device reads into the communication unbalanced loadings which arise coming from projections of his individual anxieties, causes and concerns. As defense are decreased, the receivers become better suited concentrate upon the structure, the content plus the cognitive meanings of the concept. Categories of Shielding and Supportive Communications

In working over an eight-year period with recordings of conversations occurring in varied options, the writer developed the six pairs of defensive and encouraging categories presented in Desk 1 . Tendencies which a listener interprets as possessing any of the characteristics listed in the left-hand line arouses defensiveness, whereas what he expresses as having any of the qualities designated because supportive minimizes defensive thoughts. The degree that these reactions occur is determined by the person's standard of defensiveness and upon the overall climate inside the group at the moment. (3) Analysis and Information

Presentation or additional behavior which appears evaluative increases defensiveness. If by expression, method of speech, possible vocal tone or mental content the sender seems to be evaluating or perhaps judging the listener, the receiver continues guard. Naturally , other factors might inhibit the reaction. If the listener thought that the speaker regarded him because an equal and was being available and natural, for example , the evaluativeness within a message would be neutralized and maybe not even recognized. This same rule applies equally to the other five types of potentially defense-producing climates. These types of six models are interactive. Because the attitudes toward other folks are...



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