Creating Strong Brands

 Creating Good Brands Dissertation

Creating Strong Brands

Sue Dean

Interbrand's Leading Global Brands

Group Discussion

Consider a powerful manufacturer

What factors make it successful?

Brands - A large number of definitions…..

" A brand is actually a product or service made distinctive by its

placing relative to your competition and by it is


Hankinson & Cowking

Building Strong Brands

•  Strong brands have a very good identity / personality

which are built on the unique group of brand


Strong brands act as magnets and






More than the general product

Remarkable consumer worth

Reassurance and security

Difference and uniqueness

•  That they understand their customers!

Customers Today are…






More discerning

More mobile phone

More educated

More confident

More individualistic

•  Most buyers have all they want


An excellent brand must satisfy

the dreams and aspirations

of shoppers as well as their demands

Because we all don't shop like this…

…but such as this!

Brand commitment is often centered on…







An aspirational act

Enhancing self image/self esteem

Reinforcing peer group account

Providing confidence

Simplifying choice

Saving time

Strong brands

•  A very good brand includes a

•  regular, coherent identity

•  A powerful brand has a

•  one of a kind personality

Company Importance

•  Having a solid brand is very important in a congested and

competitive fashion environment

•  Strong brands ‘stand out' coming from just goods

•  Customers relate to strong brands

•  Brands support consumers help to make choices

•  Brands possess a message that can be communicated

Just what Brand?

•  A Brand is known as a complex mark

•  Is it doesn't intangible sum of a product's:

–  Characteristics (functions and values)

–  Name

–  Packaging

–  Price

–  History

–  Reputation

–  The way it can advertised

Brand Experience








External Manufacturer Experience




Brand Identification

Environments (ie in-store as well as online)

Products & Assistance

Brand Icons

Brands with instantly renowned symbols / logos

Brand Experience







Inside Brand Encounter

Business Method

Customer Contact

Brand Principles


Staff Motivation / Training

Brand Positioning

How brands position themselves in the minds of the buyers •  How you differentiate the product or service as a result of your rivals and then identify which market niche to fill.

•  Burger king Positioning affirmation:

" We could not a cheese burger company portion people tend to be a people firm selling burgers"

•  This statement demonstrates both it is Internal & External company position


•  We can use the Kapferer model to analyse COMPANY


•  To analyse brands and their relationships with the

target customer



•  Physical - what the product is, how much does it carry out, how does it add worth to customers, how does this fill up the gap in the market. •  Company personality can be measured applying those traits/features of customer personality which have been directly related to brands. Brand personality is closely associated with self photo and image of the consumer.

•  Questions that need to be asked:

•  1) Precisely what are the features of consumer persona?

•  2) What are the characteristics of brand whether it was a person? This depends upon what functional facet of the product plus the gap it might fill.


•  Brand Culture: The culture of the trademark, often that has evolved with time – their heritage. The values plus the principles will abide by from the tradition and it is these values that may bind the


•  Remember Physique Shop's " Cosmetics with a Conscience”. •  Questions that must be asked: 1) Is the brand's culture global? 2) Exactly what the ideals that the brand stands for?

3) How could customers take the values of such a brand?


•  Manufacturer Relationships: Every brand must...



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