Every day in the Your life of Alex Sander

 A Day inside the Life of Alex Sander Research Newspaper


Per day in the existence of Alex Sanders: Generating in the fast lane in Landon Maintenance systems

By Anshul Gupta

Sayan Ghosh

Neha Shourie

Neha Saraogi

Case Study: A Day in the Life of Alex Sander:

Traveling in the Quickly Lane of Landon Care Products.

Executive Synopsis

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2. Alex Sander was the newest and most youthful product director in the toiletries division of Landon care products headquartered in Connecticut. Recently Landon had been attained by a Western based beauty company, Avant-Garde which was about to take hold В of В market share in the United States.

2. While in Landon care products Alex got successfully rebranded two nationwide skin care products and now Alex's focus is on new Nourish product start, the most tough marketing project of his career at any time.

* Alex in his early on career proved helpful as a bank account executive in an Ad company while having been more interested in making the change of his own creation.

5. On one hand Alex was aim oriented, multi tasking, efficient, highly focussed and dedicated В towards В professional obligations, on the other hand Alex was over commanding, rapide and aggressive and a great arrogant one who could not make clear something more than a couple of occasions and supported В using outburst as an efficient management device.

5. A 360o performance assessment is being executed at Landon Care Products pertaining to the very first time which will takes into account feedback from upward, downward hierarchy, colleague as well as the customers of the employee in an organisation.

2. Alex is doubtful about how exactly the opinions will be used - is it for personal development or perhaps performance appraisal?


* Alex being respected, Alex given a daunting set of action what to every part of the team of the merchandise Nourish during the team conference and also sternly addresses Hansen Leong, Alex's Assistant for not producing a great upto the mark project.

* Alex continuously ruffles people's thoughts. When it comes to operate, Alex can simply steamroll above someone's feelings to which Alex agrees.

5. Alex sometimes used to generate decisions with no involving the staff, which eroded the subordinates, as stated by Mister A, the supervisor, inside the 360o review.

* Alex neglects the value in diversity of approaches and attitudes seeing that Alex can be not bothered about the 360o efficiency feedback. Alex considers that to be unimportant and doubts its correctness and also sidelines the promotion factor.

* Alex expects his colleagues to put in extra hours to meet an important deadline which if not done is regarded as lack of commitment by Alex. * Mike Glass educated Alex that the team members had been losing self confidence in Alex as a leader and a motivator.

2. Impatient: Alex Sander can be impatient while Alex cannot explain anything more than a number of times. В В В В В

Character characteristics of Alex Sander

* Effective-Alex successfully rebranded two normal skin care products in a single year. In a position of managing environment/subordinates through autocracy, command word and delegation. * Remarkably Active-Alex gets involved in every detail of merchandise launches. 5. Risk acquiring, Practical (Pragmatic) and keeps emotional range. * Like a high Mach, Alex gets influenced significantly less and manipulates more. 5. Self addicted and Conceited, loves love from others and offers high perception of entitlement. * Narcissist-he is staying with what he wants, does not like improvements and is not really adaptable. * Type A personality-Alex was fast, acuto and active.

* Not Proactive-Alex will not foresees upcoming endeavours.


5. Alex's authoritative nature may be related to the theory of worker engagement because of Alex's participation, satisfaction and enthusiasm regarding the work Alex does hence representing the category of active-constructive situation. 2. Alex's insensitiveness and...



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