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Cardiovascular disease

Heart disease is an umbrella term for virtually any type of disorder that influences the cardiovascular. Heart disease means the same as cardiac disease but not cardiovascular disease. Heart problems refers to disorders of the veins and cardiovascular system, while heart problems refers to just the heart.

According to WHO HAVE (World Overall health Organization), cardiovascular disease is the leading source of death in britain, USA, Canada and Sydney.

25. 4% of all fatalities in the USA today are caused by heart disease.

Examples of heart problems include: �

Angina - described as angina pectoris, occurs for the area of cardiovascular system muscle would not get enough oxygen. The person experiences upper body discomfort, firmness or soreness.  Angina is not really technically a condition, but rather an indicator ofcoronary artery disease. Not enough oxygen to the heart muscle mass is usually due to the reducing of the heart arteries as a result of plaque deposition (atherosclerosis).

Arrhythmia - an infrequent heartbeat.

* Tachycardia is if the heart beats too fast

* Bradycardia is when the heart beats also slowly

5. Premature contraction is if the heart beats too soon * Fibrillation is when the heart beat is usually irregular

Arrhythmias are problems with heart-rhythm. They happen when the heart's electrical urges that put together heartbeats tend not to work properly, making the heart beat in many ways it should certainly not, either too quickly, slowly or perhaps erratically.

Infrequent heartbeats are routine, we all knowledge them. They feel like a fluttering or a racing cardiovascular. However , after they veer beyond the boundary from normal heartbeat or perhaps occur due to a damaged or weak center, they need to be taken more significantly and cared for. Irregular heartbeats can become fatal.

Diagram with the heart. Green parts reveal de-oxygenated blood vessels pathways when red parts indicate oxygenated pathways

Inborn heart disease - this is a general term for some birth defects that affect the way the heart functions. Congenital means you will be born with it. Inside the...



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