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 Economics Ib Hl -- Personal Commentary 1 Essay


• Name: Johanna Troedsson

• School: SöderportgymnasietSchool #: 1216

• Commentary #: 1

• Talking about section 2 of the syllabus

• Time written: 3 rd of March 2011

• Date of article: 18th of January 2011

• Source:, 1/18/2011, 18. 30

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Comments Number 1

The foodstuff prices inside our world take their approach up to a level almost impossible to control. As we try to become more environmentally friendly, we have begun to reallocate each of our resources, specifically from foodstuff to gas. According to an article published in Nutidens Nyheter, this can be together with the growing population and poor climate the greatest reason behind the elevating food prices. [pic]

How big the population is one of the factors affecting the demand, which can be defined as the quantity of a good or possibly a service that consumers are ready and capable to purchase for a given value in a presented time period. While the population on the planet grows, thus does the demand for food. So that as we aim becoming more environment friendly, we tend to prioritize environmentally friendly fuel over our basic meals by using meals to produce gasoline. This truly does also contribute to the increasing demand for food, that causes the demand curve to shift to the proper, from Deb to D1 as shown in the picture above. As the contour shifts, a fresh equilibrium has to be reached by simply raising the retail price from S to P1 in order for require and supply, which can be defined as the willingness and ability of producers to make a quantity of a great or a service at a given price within a given time period, to be the same.

Given that the price is increased it will become more favourable to get producers to enhance their supply, referring to the Law of Source which declares that " as the price tag on a product soars, the quantity delivered of the item will usually maximize, ceteris paribus (all other activities being equal)”. If the suppliers are able to enhance their supply, the costs might decrease as Lennart Båge, Chief executive of the United Nations Fund pertaining to Agriculture Advancement (ISAD) declares: " the costs might drop slightly if the access can be rising because of demand”.


With the opportunity of making the profit when supplying, a large number of producers may possibly like to increase their production because the prices on the market rises. This will move the provision curve to the right, via S to S1, reducing the price coming from P1 to P and so reaching a new equilibrium for price S and quantity Q2, since seen in the diagram over. But as a result of poor weather and other elements affecting the agriculture, it could be hard to improve the supply. The usage of transgenic or artificial fertilizer may simplify and improve the production, yet considering each of our western planet's negative judgment towards these types of accommodations, it could be hard to undertake and to make revenue. [pic]

Other ways of minimizing the prices could possibly be price regulates. Often when it deals with standard food goods, the government may possibly interfere by simply setting a maximum cost which is below the equilibrium value and helps prevent producers from raising the cost above it. This will allow the poor to afford the food, although due to the enhancements made on price, the necessity will shift to the correct along the competition. As noticed in the diagram above, there will now be a surplus demand in price PMax, as the quantity supplied is Q even though the quantity required is Q2. This extra is most correctly solved by increasing the provision, shifting the supply curve towards the right from T to S1, which is green and crosshatched on the diagram in order to make this easier to imagine the situation without the S1 contour. Now a new equilibrium is reached by Pmax and Q2. Increasing the supply can be achieved by the federal government in several methods, for instance by offering subsidies to firms and industries generating the product, giving them an opportunity to enhance their production. Yet according to Lennart Båge,...



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