Emotional Problems

 Emotional Burdens Essay

Tim O'Brien's " The items They Carried” takes place in Vietnam through the Vietnam War. Lt. Jimmy Cross and his men almost all carried, or perhaps humped, requirements for the war. Much of these requirements depended on standard operating method and their get ranking. O'Brian Produces " These men also taken near necessities like can openers, foodstuff rations, insect repellant, and water. Many of these necessities counted on the person. Wyatt Lavender transported tranquilizers as they was worried. Dave Jensen carried extra socks and foot natural powder to prevent trench foot. Mitchell Sanders taken condoms, and Rat Kelly carried comic book heroes. Kiowa transported a scriptures, because he was obviously a devoted Baptist and transported his grandfather's hatchet” (117). Together the necessities and near necessities they transported for battle were a burden for them, however it was not as heavy as the mental burdens they carried.

Out of all the men Luxury touring. Jimmy Mix carried one of the most emotional suitcases. Even though, he didn't carry as much of an actual load as his guys, he was accountable for his guys. When Luxury touring. Jimmy Mix witnesses the death of Ted Lavender he grieves about it and takes responsibility. Cross was constantly distracted by Martha, and he was always daydreaming of her. He liked Martha but he understood that she did not take pleasure in him " Martha experienced never mentioned the warfare, except to express, Jimmy manage yourself. She wasn't involved. She signed the letters " Take pleasure in, ” but it really wasn't love” (128). This individual felt that the distraction was the cause of Lavenders death. Cross was responsible for his men, and he failed at his responsibility. This individual felt guilt and now he would have to hold that remorse around with him like a stone in the stomach. O'Brian writes " He felt shame. This individual hated himself. He loved Martha more than his guys, and as a result Lavender was now dead, and this was something he'd have to carry like a stone in his abdomen for the rest of war” (124). After Lavender's fatality, Cross decides to change his whole perspective of items. He knew...