Essentials of Business Connection

 Essentials of Business Communication Essay

Cambodian Mekong University

Essentials of Business Communication (MN117)

Basics of Business Communication (MN117)

1 . In what ways perform communication skill acts as a profession filter?  Your ability to communicate could make you marketable and continue to be your ticket to success regardless of the economic climate.

2 . Would the culture always be classified as high-or-low-context? So why?  My culture end up being classified while high-context, mainly because our nation is a region in ASIA which have extremely beautiful tradition and this culture is very good and have a whole lot of advantages pertaining to the country, therefore we need to care and maintain the west for our next generation.

several. What is the definition of " Soft Skills”? What are gentle skills you must have at current work place? In short , explain.

 Soft skills are essential career attributes that include the ability to talk, work well with others, solve problems, generate ethical decisions, and love diversity.

 In my current workplace My spouse and i work as a call center, therefore i need some soft expertise such as:

п‚· Ability to talk: I need to know at least two different languages, need to be sufferer, and friendly.

п‚· Work efficiently with other: I have to be friendly and help the other person. п‚· Capability to solve the condition: I need to end up being flexible to look for solution for the customers.

5. Explain the three steps in the writing procedure?

 Three steps in the writhing process:

п‚· Prewriting: The first period of the composing process requires analyzing and anticipating the group and then adapting to that target audience. п‚· Composing: The second phase with the writing method includes exploring, organizing the message, and also writing it.

п‚· Revising: The third phase of the publishing process involves revising, proofreading, and evaluating your notification.

Lecturer: Chhin Kona

Cambodian Mekong College or university

Essentials of Business Connection (MN117)

five. What is bias-free language? Provide several examples of biased language and bias-free alternative?

 Bias-free vocabulary is terminology that is very sensitive to someones sex, race, age, physical condition and many other categories.

 Case in point:

The teacher…she

Foreman, flagman, workman

Businessman, salesman


lead staff member, flagger, member of staff

businessperson, revenue representative

six. What is ‘you' view? So why do you need to make use of the ‘you' look at in business writing? Briefly make clear with examples.

 ‘You' view is probably the important adaptive writing techniques are developing audience rewards and creating.

 Because it focus on market benefits. Whenever your goal should be to inform, convince, or showcase goodwill, the catchiest words and phrases you can use are you and your. Such as: Your order will be provided by UPS in time for your sales campaign December 1 )

7. Why should business freelance writers strive for conciseness?

 Since conciseness enables an easier conveying of messages. You only have 1-7 seconds to encourage a reader and 85 second to verify their interest, so concise messages are more likely to capture the interest and keep that. 8. In proofreading, could it be difficult to find your own problem? How can you overcome this obstacle?

 Because most of us go through what we " thought" we wrote. To help: allow one day or much longer to " cool" the document prior to proofreading. Also try changing the font or creating on distinct paper so that you feel you are reading something different.

Lecturer: Chhin Hawaiian

Cambodian Mekong University

Essentials of Business Communication (MN117)

9. Precisely what is different among " Immediate strategies” and " Indirect strategies”? What each advantages of both strategies?

 Immediate Strategies: Putting your main idea at the beginning of the message.  Benefits of direct strategies:

п‚· Saves the reader's time. Many of today's businesspeople can devote only a few moments with each message. Messages that have too long to access the point may lose all their readers on the way.

п‚· Sets a proper mindset. Learning the idea up front helps the reader place the subsequent...



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