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Ch. 3 AP Government Even more Practice Concerns

1 . Government officials' awareness of national needs arrived at dominate the allocation of federal funds during the A)Reagan administration.

B)Great Depression.

C)World War II era.

D)post–Civil War era.

E)1960s and 1970s.

2 . During the 60s and 1972s, federal grants to claims were more and more based on A)the demands individuals states.

B)what state representatives perceived being important point out needs. C)the power of structured interest organizations.

D)what federal officials perceived to be national needs.

E)the demands of coalitions of states.

several. The term intergovernmental lobby is utilized in the text message to refer to lobbying actions by A)state and local officials at the national government.

B)one branch of the national government at another branch.

C)foreign governments in Washington, Deb. C.

D)federal agencies at statehouses and city halls.

E)governmental products with ties to interest groups.

four. An example of a great intergovernmental foyer would be a foyer comprising A)local police chiefs.

B)local gas station owners.

C)gun enthusiasts.

D)oil organization executives.

E)a society of card players.

5. A categorical scholarhip is a transfer of federal funds designed for A)the private sector.

B)discretionary use by a state.

C)the accomplishment of broad goals.

D)programs with matching grants.

E)specific reasons.

6. Specific grants commonly require that a state or locality A)provide matching cash.

B)make at most one obtain per year.

C)distribute funds in at least six independent programs.

D)disburse funds in an equal fashion.

E)allow curiosity groups to lobby for one-half from the overall sum. 7. A block offer is essentially a

A)grant that benefits an individual, local device (or block).

B)group of categorical or project scholarships.

C)reverse grant-in-aid, by which funds flows from states back to the federal government. D)project grant with tighter restrictions.

E)a task grant with less federal government support.

almost 8. According to the text, block grants or loans have liked only minor success, partly because A)the federal government gradually increased the amount of strings mounted on such grants. B)money via categorical scholarships shrank and so low regarding make the other grants essential. C)these scholarships were based in local goals rather than for the needs from the nation as a whole. D)these scholarships discouraged federal government control over how a money was to be used. E)these grants weren't attractive to people of Congress.

9. A single reason that block grants or loans have demonstrated unsuccessful as a way of distributing federal cash to community governments is that they A)lack strong local political support.

B)are too prone to political the lobby.

C)require total annual congressional endorsement.

D)encourage competition among declares competing pertaining to federal money. E)rarely build consensus among leaders in Washington.

15. What types of national funds are likely to be crucial for an agency that depends on the authorities for its presence? A)Categorical grants or loans

B)Block grants or loans

C)Fund scholarships

D)Revenue-sharing programs

E)Project enhancement grants

10. Categorical grants or loans are monitored by

A)individual members of Congress in the relevant says.

B)the exec branch.

C)special committees of Congress.

D)state governors.

E)U. S. area courts.

doze. To be eligible for certain government highway cash, states must allow motorists to make a legal right-hand turn after halting at a red lumination. This requirement by the federal government is known as a A)mandate.

B)quid expert quo purchase.

C)condition of aid.

D)pro bono requirement.

E)per curiam order.

13. When a vicinity is required simply by federal rules to do something, regardless of whether it receives government funding for that purpose, this duty is referred to as a A)condition of aid.


C)string-attached edict.

D)court decision.


14. The difference between a mandate and a...



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