Improving Occupational Safety and Health Treatment

 Improving Work-related Safety and Health Involvement Essay

Improving Work-related Safety & Health Affluence – An evaluation of Security Self-Efficacy & Safety Levels of Change

Dissertation published to the teachers of Va Tech In partial completion of the degree Doctor of Philosophy


Centre for Applied Behavior Systems Department of Psychology Va Polytechnic Institute & Condition University Safety Performance Alternatives, Inc. 610, North Main Street, Package 228, Blacksburg Virginia, 24060 540. 951. 7233

Texte Examination Panel Members:

At the. Scott Geller, Ph. G., Chair

Helen Crawford, Ph. D.

Jack port Finney, Ph level. D.

Al Prestrude, Ph. D.

Richard Winett, Ph level. D.

Increasing Intervention Performance


IMPROVING OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND WELL BEING INTERVENTIONS: A COMPARISON OF BASIC SAFETY SELF-EFFICACY & SAFETY STAGES OF CHANGE TABLE OF CONTENTS Desk of Material _____________________________________________________________ ii The Impact of Occupational Accidental injuries _____________________________________________ 1 Intangible Results _________________________________________________________________ 2

History of Occupational Safety and Health ________________________________________ 4 The start of Occupational Basic safety & Health________________________________________ 4 Governmental Influence____________________________________________________________ your five Insurance Companies: The First Protection Consultants ____________________________________ 7

Classic Safety & Health Concours: Three " E”s of Safety ______________________ 8 Engineering/Human Factors ________________________________________________________ 9 Education/Training ______________________________________________________________ 10 Enforcement ____________________________________________________________________ 14 Self-discipline _____________________________________________________________________________14 Compliance ____________________________________________________________________________16

Psychological Models of Work-related Safety & Health _____________________________ 17 Work-related Safety and Health Verses Worksite Overall health Promotion ______________________ 18 Work-related Health _____________________________________________________________________19 Occupational Protection _____________________________________________________________________20 Positively Caring _________________________________________________________________________23

Models of Basic safety & Overall health _________________________________________________________ 24

Theoretical Angles for Suggested Research_________________________________________ twenty-five Social Intellectual Theory ___________________________________________________________ 26 Self-Efficacy ___________________________________________________________________________27 End result Expectancies ___________________________________________________________________28 Safety Education and Self-Efficacy/Outcome Expectancy ________________________________________29

Segmentation Techniques to Behavior Alter ________________________________________ 35

Improving Intervention Effectiveness 3

Transtheoretical Model of Change __________________________________________________________30 Safety Stages of Modify __________________________________________________________________32

Exploration Overview & Hypotheses __________________________________________________ 36

Method ____________________________________________________________________ 37 Overview _______________________________________________________________________ 37 Members & Options ___________________________________________________________ 38 Industrial Interview Sites _________________________________________________________________38 Pilot Company-A _______________________________________________________________________38 Initial Company-B________________________________________________________________________39 Trial and error Site-NP...



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