Investment Plan of Beauty Parlor and Salon at Uttara

 Investment Plan of Beauty Parlor and Salon at Uttara Essay



Investment Prepare of Beauty salon and Salon at Uttara

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Business in Western Nation







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Executive overview

Trend Retrievers is a full-service beauty salon specialized in consistently rendering high customer satisfaction by manifestation excellent services, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an satisfactory price/value marriage. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which aspects diversity, tips, and hard work.

To achieve our objectives, Pattern Setters can be seeking added loan auto financing. This bank loan will be paid out from the income from the business, and will be collateralized by the possessions of the organization, and backed by the character, experience, and personal guarantees of the owners.


Group discussion is a very effective method to finish any kind of group work. Initially we all the members of exclusive group discuss about our group work like how we may start our function, from exactly where we will start our work, how we could get more batter information about the work and so forth matter. Observing some hair salons and spas and beauty salon at Uttara we get many kinds of information. This really is our very first step to start the work. we all the group members visited many different beauty parlor and salons and spas to collect batter information. To start with we control the store owner for his interview. Conducting interview of the shop owner we have many information regarding this kinds of business. The way we can start this kind of kinds of organization, what are the items we need and so on many kinds of info we get from the owner. Doing interview in the employees we understand about right now there work and about there function rate. Regarding the daily cost, quantity of workers, precisely what is the rate of there operate and many types of information we know from them. By making use of internet we get better details about such kinds of business. With our region but as well we get the information about this organization outside of each of our country and there economic position.


Now-a-days getting job is extremely difficult. Everyday it's getting worse. Essential people are at this point more interested in organization. But organization is not easy to get started on. That's why a new type of business call small , medium enterprise is getting desired by persons. Salon and beauty parlor business is a tiny or channel type of business. Because to start out a business like salon or perhaps beauty parlor is usually not so hard. Moreover the amount of capital needed for this business is not so high. Essential it is a small enterprise. And banking companies are ready to give loan or want to finance with this type of business. so we are able to say salon and beauty parlor business is a perfect business pertaining to our country. In this report we are discussing about-

Capital and Decor to start a Salon and a Beauty salon Business Job


Daily cost


How Western Countries Run Their particular Business

CAPITAL AND DESIGN TO START A SALON OR A BEAUTY PARLOR ORGANIZATION: Salons and beauty parlor the two are small and medium type business. To start a salon or a beauty parlor by uttara we have to fulfill some requirements initially. Among those activities entrepreneurship is a first and foremost thing. Because all the other activities commence after going for a decision to get started on a salon business or maybe a beauty parlor. After taking decision then we need to look for appropriate place where we...



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