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The shut down, mutually supportive relationships that often prevail in the United States between the government agencies, the particular interest the lobby organizations, and the legislative committees or subcommittees with jurisdiction over a particular functional part of government insurance plan. As long as they hang with each other, the associates of these small groups of movers and shakers tend to master all policy-making in their particular specialized areas of concern, and so they tend to present a usa front against " outsiders" who make an effort to invade their turf and alter founded policies that have been worked out by simply years of exclusive negotiations among the " insiders. " The middle-level bureaucrats who run the agencies may use their unique friends in Congress to block the initiatives of a new President or a new Congressional majority management bent about reforming or perhaps reducing the size of their companies. The Congressmen and Senators on the oversight committees may count after their friends in the agencies to continue " pet" programs and pork-barrel projects essential to their neighborhood constituencies or maybe to do exceptional favors for his or her political supporters and monetary backers. The lobby organizations offer useful data to the committees and the companies, provide advertising campaign support to get the relevant Congressmen, and often assist to mobilize public opinion in favour of larger appropriations and widened programs for " their" part of the government bureaucracy. Inturn, they tend to get consulted and carefully placated when new laws or perhaps administrative regulations or important appointments affecting their unique interests are being made. These triangles are said to be " strong as iron" for the reason that these mutually supportive relationships are often and so politically strong that reps of the more general interests of culture are usually successfully prevented coming from " interfering" with policy-making altogether when their concept of the general curiosity...



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