Lepe Evelyn Synthesis Essaay

 Lepe Evelyn Synthesis Essaay Essay

LepeВ 1В

EvelynВ LepeВ

Mrs. В MorenoВ

EnglishВ 9В

PeriodВ 4В

21В NovemberВ 2014В

TheВ complicationsВ causedВ byВ theВ consumptionВ ofВ JunkВ FoodВ InВ theВ lastВ 40В yearsВ theВ rateВ ofВ obesityВ hasВ tripledВ dueВ toВ theВ excessiveВ consumptionВ ofВ junkВ foodВ whichВ containsВ lotsВ ofВ fats, В sugarВ andВ calories. В TheВ article, В " JunkВ FoodВ atВ School: В IsВ itВ YourВ RightВ­orВ TotallyВ Wrong? ” explainsВ theВ healthВ complicationВ junkВ foodВ canВ cause. В Also, В theВ content, В " FoodВ FightВ " В byВ DoraВ RodriguezВ explainsВ thatВ youngВ adultsВ shouldВ В consumeВ theВ nutritiousВ foodsВ neededВ forВ thereВ bodyВ toВ functionВ correctly. В JunkВ foodВ shouldВ notВ beВ allowedВ atВ schoolВ becauseВ youngВ adultsВ areВ notВ responsibleВ enoughВ toВ makeВ healthyВ choicesВ andВ itВ leadsВ toВ lifeВ threateningВ illnesses, В addsВ lotsВ ofВ caloriesВ fromВ fat, В andВ canВ andВ shouldВ beВ replacedВ byВ fruitsВ orВ healthierВ snacks. В

ManyВ youngВ adultsВ don'tВ considerВ theВ dangersВ thatВ comeВ withВ theВ dailyВ intakeВ ofВ junkВ food. В TheВ dailyВ consumptionВ ofВ junkВ foodВ canВ leadВ toВ precariousВ diseasesВ. В TheВ AmericanВ heartВ associationВ confirmsВ thatВ " ObesityВ hasВ aВ seriousВ impactВ onВ health. В ItВ canВ leadВ toВ diabetes, В heartВ disease, В andВ otherВ lifeВ threateningВ illnesses. ”(JunkВ foodВ atВ school: В IsВ itВ yourВ rightВ­В orВ totallyВ incorrect? )ForВ thisВ purposeВ itВ shouldВ beВ eitherВ avoidedВ orВ amountВ beВ controlled. В В FirstВ LadyВ MichelleВ ObamaВ inВ aВ speechВ saidВ " TheВ problemВ isВ whenВ thatВ funВ stuffВ becomesВ theВ habitВ[…]В FastВ foodВ hasВ becomeВ theВ everydayВ meal. ”  JunkВ foodВ hasВ becomeВ aВ habit. В EatingВ excessiveВ amountsВ ofВ sugar, В atВ aВ certainВ point, В causeВ obesity. В InВ addition, В " ObesityВ isВ aВ healthВ epidemicВ


LepeВ 2В

acrossВ ourВ country. ” ForВ this, В В andВ manyВ otherВ reasons, В teenagersВ shouldВ learnВ toВ controlВ theВ amountsВ ofВ sugarВ theyВ eat, В becauseВ itВ mayВ leadВ toВ aВ lifeВ orВ deathВ situation. В TheВ governmentВ hasВ setВ standards, В andВ theyВ areВ thereВ forВ aВ reason. В StudentsВ haveВ shownВ notВ toВ beВ responsibleВ toВ controlВ theirВ eatingВ habits. В AlthoughВ theВ governmentВ doesВ notВ fundВ junkВ...



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