Meters N Meters Project five

 M N M Job 5 Dissertation

M & M Project Survey

Lakisha Areas

Strayer School

Instructor: Mentor Heather Sales space

MAT 300 Elementary Stats

March 15, 2013


The purpose of this record is to examine the packaging process of M & M candies for a 1 . 69oz handbag. This process can be achieved by means of using arbitrary sampling to collect data for the number of colored M& M candies (blue, orange, green, yellow, reddish colored, brown, ) as well as testing the sample proportion / sample imply, and creating a 95% confidence span. This record should offer a better understanding as to the strategies used in back of packing M& M sweets. * PROJECT PART I: SAMPLING TECHNIQUE

The sampling method is the scientific treatment of selecting those sample units which usually would provide the required estimates with associated margins of uncertainty, arising from analyzing only a component and not the entire. There are several types of sampling, however for this specific project we used random sampling in which each item of the data) has the same probability penalized selected in the sample. In order to achieve true raw data, three carriers of 1. 69oz M & M goodies were acquired from three different stores. The data coming from these bags were gathered and include in an stand out worksheet to create a single info set (see below). This info was after that entered into an excel spreadsheet and separated by individual bags.


In this area we mixed all accumulated data, and placed into an excel worksheet. During this procedure we were capable to collect every necessary information to distinguish the sample mean and test proportion for every single colored candies as well as for the entire number of sweets collected. All things considered of the info was gathered and calculated, a frequency histogram was then created (see below) which allowed one to recognize any patterns within the info set. A frequency histogram is a pub graph that represents...



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