Mobile Question and Control in Mobile Database Environment

 Mobile Query and Control in Mobile phone Database Environment Essay


Bala Srinivasan1

David Taniar2

School of Computer Research and Software program Engineering, Monash University, Quotes Agustinus.Borgy.Waluyo, Bala.Srinivasan @infotech. monash. edu. au. two School of Business Systems, Monash School, Australia David. [email protected] monash. edu. au

Abstract Cellular database is a new framework of data source application in wireless environment. It features unique type of queries, and query-processing tactics that are dissimilar to traditional databases. We sort out mobile databases query into two classes, especially context-awareness query and adhoc problem. Context-awareness question is further more classified in location dependent, context dependent, and hybrid query. For the query processing, we all define three strategies specifically mobile client, on air, and storage space strategy. Cellular client and air strategy relates to caching strategy and broadcast strategy respectively. Finally, we include some difficulties in portable databases.

1 . Introduction

Latest advances in wireless technology have resulted in mobile computing, a brand new dimension in data interaction and finalizing. Many predict a new appearing, gigantic market with countless mobile users carrying small , battery-powered port equipped with wifi connection [1, two, 10]. The mobile computing environment provides database applications with useful areas of wireless technology, which is referred to as mobile directories. This advance technology has established a new age of nomadic repository users. Basically, these users are simply accessing a databases through a network. However , the network is actually applied in wireless environment, and offers several novel properties, such as user's spots are frequently changing, the possibilities of losing links is much greater than in a traditional network, and asymmetric conversation environment when the wireless band width for uplink communication is definitely smaller than downlink communication [11]. Generally speaking, mobile consumer communicates with a Mobile Bottom Station (MBS) to carry out any kind of activities such as transaction and information collection. MBS has a wireless user interface to establish conversation with mobile phone client and it provides a large number of mobile phone users within a specific location called cell. In portable environment architecture, each MBS is connected to a fixed network as illustrated in Determine 1(a). Cellular units or mobile consumers in every cell can connect to the fixed network via wi-fi radio, wireless Local Area Network (LAN), wi-fi cellular, or satellite. All the wireless systems provides a different bandwidth capability. However , the wireless band width is too small as compared to the set network such as ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) can provide accelerate to 155Mbps [7].


Wifi Network

Mobile phone Base Station

Mobile Basic Station

Cellular Network

Broadband Wired Network

Fixed Number

Fixed Sponsor



Mobile Consumer


Question Processing Strategy

Data Repository

Query Consequence


Mobile phone Base Train station

Mobile Basic Station

Issue Taxonomy

= Mobile Client = Cellular Network


(a) Cellular Environment Structures

(b) Query Application in Mobile Environment

Figure 1 ) Mobile Environment Architecture and Query Processing

Figure 1(b) depicts the query digesting in cellular databases. Cellular client starts a query, and retrieve the information from info repository. Your data repository is available in the fixed network. The query can be transmitted through wireless funnel, and the result is attained using selected query processing strategies. As can be seen in Figure 1b, a sign of number 1, and 2, which is attached in issue taxonomy, and query digesting strategy correspondingly, correspond to the main content of the paper. Motivated by variations between wired and wi-fi environment ends in differences of type of concerns, query control mechanisms along with...

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