Reasoning Critically - the Stanley Milgram Test

 Reasoning Critically - the Stanley Milgram Experiment Dissertation

After studying the Stanley Milgram test, I found myself questioning why and how almost all of the subjects that participated inside the experiment were willing to inflict apparent soreness and harm on an innocent person, and found myself curious as to the way i would react should I although put in the same situation. I believe that the most significant reason for this kind of disturbing a shortage of critical considering and ethical responsibility is because the subjects mixed up in experiment were blinded by authority and trapped in Stage one particular of Being aware of: The Garden of Eden stage. The subjects were being tested on their responsiveness to authority and, in most cases, the topics accepted all their task given by the expert and performed atrocious works by following requests, even though the specialist in this research was merely an actor or actress posing as being a scientist by putting on a white lab coat. Although this kind of experiment was staged, the point of this evaluation was to observe whether the educators (subjects) might put a stop to the experiment or continue to the stage where they would administer seemingly lethal electric shocks to the novice simply because it can be what the science tecnistions has advised them to carry out. This experiment demonstrates how authority can easily negatively influence one's essential thinking skills. In many cases throughout this experiment, the topics were designated their role and accepted the information given by specialist without question or criticism, hence falling into the Stage 1 category of understanding. These subject matter allowed themselves to believe that, " anyone that disagrees together with the authorities must be wrong, which includes themselves. ” They have ignored the value of similarly, in the sense that everyone is of an equal benefit and, although the man in the white layer may may actually have specialist, he is just as equal like them in terms of human being rights. By: Elizabeth Dark-colored



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