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Please read these types of guidelines carefully: they fluctuate slightly from those given in your Guide Letter 201 for 2013. These are people you should comply with.

The exam is TWO hours long.

The exam paper will be structured the following:

There are THREE sections: Section A, N and C.

Section A counts 40 marks (you actually choose one question)

Question one particular will require you to write a short essay depending on language buy theories. (30 marks) Question 2 will demand you to write a short dissertation based on English language in Education. The question will certainly focus on concerns revolving around Motivation to get language. (30 marks)

Section B counts 25 marks. You will have to answer questions based on several aspects of language covered in this module, just like word-formation and morphology; content and framework words; and parts of conversation and their function. These are the kind of questions you met in Assignment 01 & two for this component. You will have to write your answers in your evaluation book.

Section C is important 25 signifies. You will also answer questions based on various aspects of phonetics and phonology- the kind of inquiries you fulfilled in Project 01 & 2 with this module. You will need to write the answers in your examination book.

The total for the newspaper is eighty marks. (Remember the other 20% of the final indicate is based on the Year Tag. )

Right now there only choice is in Section A from the examination paper. However , to get ready for this newspaper, you will have to modify all the material covered inside the module.

Take note that dictionaries are not allowed in the Examination room.

In the event you revise your study material thoroughly, you will have not fear.

All of us wish you all the best within your studies and preparation intended for the exam.


EED 201J Group



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