Sociology- Ideology Task

 Sociology- Ideology Project Essay



According into a reputable book ideology is best described as, the body of ideas showing the interpersonal needs and aspiration associated with an individual, group class/ traditions. It is philosophy that make up the basis of a political, marketplace. * FEATURES OF IDEOLOGY

* Permits or shows different views of those within a society 5. It displays individuals needs or wants in a contemporary society

* Also with regards to an economic system, it reveals the rules or beliefs of your government/ region in order to support citizens from the country monetarily. They would become a sense of order. * DISADVANTAGES OF IDEOLOGY

2. It restricts the ability to share classes, and there background, difference in it. Bringing about misunderstanding and in addition conflict. 5. It may have got class biasness at time, in terms of governmental policies and different parties * Increase in criminal activity between diverse social classes, lower course being based mostly or thieving from prestige money/ control. * ROBBING


The word globalization is usually increasingly utilized to describe the ongoing integration of the world within a capitalist political economic system. Advocates of globalization indicate the beginning of the " middle-class” in developing countries, economic expansion within peripheral economies, the continuing expansion of worldwide stock market segments, democratization as well as the emergence of any " global culture” while indicators in the benefits of this procedure. Critics of globalization indicate the growing gaps of inequality between nations and within most nations of

a global economy, increased environmental degradation, especially in the developing world, loosing sovereignty, ethnic imperialism plus the rise in intense nationalism because indicators with the downside of this procedure. This daily news will methodically outline a framework for understanding a number of the seemingly contrary processes inside our globalizing world. * SUMMARY OF POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES

Politics is the administration of economical resources and for that reason how a contemporary society sees the world is in the same manner it would interact with it. For instance, a country including the United States of America is located under Capitalism and therefore are regarding expansion of economic resources and advancement their economy. Based on such a theory, they have in many ways compromised the introduction of many other developing countries. * WHAT IS A POLITICS IDEOLOGY?

A Politics Ideology refers to a idea system that explains and justifies a preferred economical and governmental order to get society, offers strategies for their maintenance or attainment helping give meaning to bars, personalities and politics. 5. WHAT ARE THE POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES?

5. Capitalism

* Communism


Capitalism identifies an economic and political program in which a country's trade and industries will be controlled by simply private owners for income, rather than by simply state. Various other elements central to capitalism include competitive markets, income labour and capital deposition. * EFFECTS OF POLOITICAL IDEOLOGY IN GLOBALIZATION.

Democracy is simply capitalism and a prepared economy is under the reds. The way a person discusses it, this can be a more effective interaction may happen under a approach to communism since the government will be able to design the way a country will probably promote advancement however , with democracy, the government has tiny say about how the economy will develop. Almost all they can do is definitely facilitate economic development and thus in expanding their economic climate, due to the degree of choice business owners have, they may outsource careers and also they will negatively effects the world. 5. ECONOMIC IDEOLOGY- MARXIST

2. This are present in Tanque (1957) and Grenada (1979), Guyana (1960's & 1970's) and Jamaica (1970's) which was directed at raising human advancement. Caribbean countries cooperate to attain unity in the fact that they all try to...



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