Day Spa Promoting Plan

 Essay regarding Day Spa Marketing Plan

Industry Review:

There are nearly 12, 100 spas throughout the United States. In the U. S. the largest day spa category, accounting for several of every 10 spas, is day spa. Resort and motel spas would be the second major, with membership spas, medical spas, mineral spring health spas and vacation spot spas respectively trailing. Geographically speaking, the distribution of spas inside the U. S. generally parallels that of the people distributions with the largest area being the North East.

According to the ISPA (The International SPA Association) in 2003 there are approximately 136 million day spa visits produced in the U. S. Sixty percent (60%) of the visits would be to day spas when 27% were to resort and hotel health spas and the staying 13% had been spread throughout the four other types of spas. The U. S. spa market generated an estimated $11. a couple of billion in revenues in this same year. Fifty two percent (52%) of the spaВЎВ¦s income is obtained from its treatment rooms. Inspite of being the largest segment, day spas, accounts simply for just under 50 % of that income at 49%

The Kline Group exploration suggested a solid growth (2003-04) in the hot tub market near to 11% by driving causes such as: „ÏHigh levels of mass media attention

„ÏIncreased number of merchandise brands

„ÏGreater consumer understanding of market products/benefits

„ÏLower price points in accordance with surgical and non-surgical procedures „ÏAnti-aging tendency continues

Between 2002 and 2004 studies from the ISPA concurred with an annual progress rate of 12%. Since its growth price peak in 2000 at 51%, the phone number has gradually moderated.

As in virtually any industry, demand is the driving force that establishes how very well the industry performs.

Competitive Profile:

Together with the largest human population of day spas being located in the North East region your competition is tough but not unparalleled unchallenged, unsurpassed.

Top Rivals in DaiSpaВЎВ¦s market contain:

В„XElizabeth Grady, Framingham, MOTHER

Hair, fingernails, body remedies, facials, makeup (direct competitor)

В„XPaul Conzo Day Spa and Hair Salon, Worcester, MA

Manicures, Pedicures, Human body Wraps, Hair, Nails, Health spa Treatment Plans, Facials, Glycol Peels

В„XArdan Salon & Day Spa, Wellesley, MA

Toenail Care, Tiny Dermabrasion, Rub, Body Remedies, Waxing, Facials, Hair Care, Warm Stone Rub.

В„XSerene-Scape Spa and Salon, Marlborough, MUM

Advanced Skincare, Physique Wraps, Body Scrubs, Facials, Gentlemen Providers, Make up Providers, Manicures, Massage, Maternity Companies (pregnancy massage), Reflexology, Shaving, Yoga.

S. W. O. T. Analysis:


„«Strong human relationships with suppliers of beauty products that offer credit rating arrangements, overall flexibility, and respond to special item requirements. „«Excellent well trained staff, offering personalized customer service. „«Location: providing a great easily accessible area for customers. „«Environment: providing an atmosphere conducive to giving specialist service within an attractive, comforting atmosphere. „«Convenience: offering consumers a wide range of providers in one environment, and extended business hours. „«Reputation: reputation of the owner and other technicians since providing remarkable personal services. „«Great recommendation benefits for clients.

„«In-store free juice bar and refreshments.

„«High client loyalty.


„«Access to capital.

„«Cash movement will be unforeseen.

„«Have no current client base.


„«Growing industry with a significant percentage of our target market unaware that of each of our company¡¦s exsistance. „«Continuing option through proper alliances intended for referrals and marketing activities. „«Benefiting from high levels young pros in the place. „«Continuing understanding of spa industry and its importance to well being. „«Increasing qualified prospects beyond our 20-mile target area. „«Internet potential for providing beauty products to other markets. „«Expansion in other markets.





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