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Pronunciation of Nouns in Text message to Conversation systems

At the. Veera Raghavendra, Lavanya Prahallad IIIT Hyderabad, India [email protected] net, [email protected]cmu. edu

Currently most conversation synthesis systems use natural text his or her input which can be understandable by a human standpoint but difficult for the machines since the process of switching text to speech is extremely complex; with this paper all of us discuss the advantages of having a certain SSML tag for each " mention” (1st occurrence, 2nd occurrence) of the proper noun in the textual content or paragraph. We go over that when an effective noun shows up first time inside the text, it is voiced more prominently than it is second or perhaps third or subsequent happening. We emphasize the need for adding a specific indicate in SSML to take care of this kind of mention-case. The SSML file format is a give up between individual and equipment needs. SSML is often inserted in Voice-XML scripts to operate a vehicle interactive telephone systems. Nevertheless , it also can also be used alone, including for creating audiobooks. The advantage that SSML delivers is that the designers of this kind of language era systems only need understand the basic SSML terminology and do not will need specialist presentation synthesis knowledge. Introduction Presentation Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) is a great XML-based markup language pertaining to speech synthesis applications. SSML directs all Text Analysis steps, providing a standard approach to control aspects of speech just like pronunciation, phrase expansion, quantity, pitch, level, range, timeframe, pause, emphasis, etc ., throughout different synthesis-capable platforms. The intended make use of SSML is to improve the top quality of produced content. Different markup elements impact several stages with the synthesis method. The markup may be developed either instantly, for instance via XSLT or perhaps CSS3 via an XHTML document, or perhaps by human authoring. Markup may be present within a complete SSML file or as part of a fragment stuck in another language, although no interactions with other languages will be specified...



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