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The parable

is known as a story of the familiar encounter which is advised in order to illustrate a spiritual truth. An earthly history with a divine meaning. The term comes from Traditional, parabole, which means comparison or analogy. A parable is thus a comparison drawn from character or day to day life, which is built to illuminate a few spirtual fact. The parable is a setting of conversation which applies a metaphorical process to a narrative type. This metaphor is not really the pictorial mode of expression, that consist of clothes an idea. It is not necessarily a form of presentation decoration but it is more of the function of or intentionality of the from the parable (it deals with the Kingdom of Heaven). SELECTED PARABLES

The parable of the sower – Mathew 13: 3- 23

The parable from the mustard seedling – Matthew 13: 23 -32

The parable with the yeast – Matthew 13: 33/ Lomaz 13: 20-21

The parable of the hidden treasure as well as the parable of the pearl of great price - Matthew 13: 44- 46 The parable of the whole wheat and the weeds – Matthew 13: twenty four – 40, 36 -- 43 The parable in the good Samaritan – Henry 10: 25-37

The parable of the unmerciful servant – Matthew 18: 21- thirty five The parable of the consistent widow – Luke 18: 1-8

The parable of an importunate good friend Luke 11: 5-8

The parable of talents – Matthew twenty-five: 14- 40

The parable of the abundant fool – Luke 12: 15- twenty-one

The parable of the smart and the silly bridesmaids – Matthew 25: 1- 13 The parable of the employees in the vineyard – Matt 20: 1- 16

The parable with the rich person and Lazarus – Henry 16: 19- 31

The parable with the Pharisee as well as the tax extractor – Henry 18: 9- 14

The parable in the mustard seedling – Matt 13: 23 -32

The dominion of Nirvana starts through the smallest start, but zero man knows when it can end. This kind of parable lets us know that the kingdom of Nirvana begins really small but in the finish many countries will be collected within this. Sometimes Jesus disciples must have despaired. All their little band was so small and the world was so wide. How do they at any time win and change it. But with Christ an invisible pressure entered the earth. He is telling his disciples, and to his followers today, that there has to be no frustration, that they must serve and witness every in his place, the each one has to be the small beginning from which the dominion grows before the kingdoms with the earth finaly become the Kingdom of Our god. The parable of the thrush – Matthew 13: 33/ Luke 13: 20-21

Leaven – in Jewish vocabulary it is always linked with evil impact. There would be some shock in hearing the Kingdom of Goodness compared to leaven. But the complete point with the parable is based on one thing – the transforming power of the leaven. The development of the leaven causes a transformation in the bread; and the approaching of the Kingdom causes a change in life.

The parable of the hidden treasure as well as the parable from the pearl of big price -- Matthew 13: 44- 46 We find during these parables the same point. The man who was looking the field was not trying to find treasure, that came to him all uninformed. The man who was searching for pearls was spending his existence in the search. But no matter if the breakthrough was the consequence of a moment and also the result of a life-time's search, the reaction was your same- anything had to be marketed and sacrifice to gain the precious factor. We are left with the same real truth – that, however a person discovers the need of Our god for himself, whether it be in the lightning adobe flash of a moment's illumination or perhaps at the end of your long and conscious search, it is worth anything automatically to accept that. The parable of the wheat and the weeds – Matthew 13: twenty four – 35, 36 -- 43 The tares and the wheat are so like each other that the Jews called the tares hooligan wheat. The wheat and tares could hardly be securely separated once both are growing, but in the conclusion they had to get separated. In the early stages, the tares is definitely undistinguishable in the wheat, however in the end it had to be laboriously separated by it. There is always hostile...



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