Topographic Map

 Topographic Map Essay

MS 217 Dennis Borzakov

Category 723 January 15, 2013




I do think that to make a topographic map you have to view the form of the thing from up top. To accomplish this you need a satellite tv image. These images these are known as aerial photographs. Using height calculators and ground actions cartographers in that case make topographic maps.


• Clay model landform

• Drinking water tinted with food coloring

• Visibility

• Clear plastic storage box with lid

• Beaker

• Metric ruler

• Mp3

• Visibility marker


1 . Using the ruler and the visibility marker, generate marks in the side in the storage field one centimeter apart. 2 . Place the clay model into the storage package. The bottom from the box will probably be zero elevation. 3. Safeguarded the visibility to the the top of storage package with strapping. 4. Making use of the beaker, dump water in the box into a height of one cm. your five. Use the transparency marker to trace the top of the water collection on the transparency. 6. Using the scale 1cm=10m, mark the elevation at risk. 7. Take away the transparency and add water till a interesting depth of 2cm is reached. 8. Map this level on the openness and record the elevation. 9. Do the process again of adding water and tracing till you have the hill planned on the transparency. 10. Transfer the tracing of the slope onto a white sheet of daily news. 11. Utilize ruler to transfer the hill through the white piece of conventional paper to graph paper.


The table interval of the topographic

map is 1cm is equal to 10 m.

The distance among contour lines on the map show steepness of a slope on the landform model as the closer the lines are the steeper the hill can be, the a greater distance apart the lines are definitely the more the gentle the rising from the hill will probably be.

The level of Hillside A is usually 80 yards and the

level of Slope B is usually 90 yards....



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