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 Water intended for Elephants Strategy Paper

March 7, 2011

Water intended for Elephants Procedure Paper

We. Summary Passage:

Debbie Gruen's Normal water for Elephants is an account of ninety-something year old Jacob Jankowski's your life, both in todays, where he exists in a medical home, unsatisfied with his living conditions and the old age that has swindled him of his liberty, and through flashbacks of when he was young, vacationing with the festival. Just a few days away from getting his veterinary clinic degree via Cornell University, Jacob's mother and father were all of a sudden killed in an automobile accident, sending Jacob's existence spiraling unmanageable; with his parents' debt having left him with no house and no cash, he hops aboard a circus teach for the " Benzini Brothers Many Spectacular Show on Earth, ” where he countries a job because the vet. The display is owned and operate by Joe J. Bunkel, referred to as Granddad Al, wonderful right palm man and equestrian movie director August, who becomes Jacob's boss. September is a weird schizophrenic who have switches between kind and charming to vicious and violent, and through the span of the story Jacob faces many challenges in working with August, when also learning to function in the hierarchy of the circus and falling fond of August's better half, Marlena. Through the circus's moves, it receives a new affiliate: an elefant named Rosie who is initial thought to be ineffective, and during 1 episode discovers to pull her stake from the ground therefore she can easily repeatedly steal the circus's lemonade, causing fits of rage simply by Uncle 's and hate as well as severe punishment from August. The elephant is later learned by John to not always be stupid, but to only understand commands in Polish, after which it she is trained and turns into the legend of the display. Life is great in the circus, and John and Marlena fall a lot more in love with each other, to the jealousy of August, who accuses his wife of cheating, hits her, and gets in a enormous brawl with Jacob. After that, things begin going downhill as...



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