YGO Rules- Model group rules.

 YGO Rules- Example group rules. Article



Failure to do so could result in you getting prohibited for a rule which you did not know about. If so, " We didn't know” is no adequate reason. This file will be allocated to all newbies of the Yu-Gi-Oh group by a group member who owns it.


4 Head system (Leaders for Cartouche Monsters, GX, 5Ds and ZEXAL) Eliminated and changed by fresh administration dependable to rules.

Rules pertaining to addition of recent members:


Clause: 1 . 0: The candidate should have 100 loves; 90% of their posts has to be related to YGO; once added they must connect to other associates of the group; must interact with at least 1-3 Moderators (Admins) before having added. They need to also not really post extensive status revisions and/or photos of themselves and their personal lives.

Offer: 2 . zero: Nomination -> Voting -> Addition

Clause: installment payments on your 1: several stage program for adding candidates for the group.


Offer: 2 . a couple of: Addition must be done by a BULK VOTE of all of the moderators (> 50%) Terms: 2 . a few: You can political election either " Yes” " No” or " Abstain” Clause: installment payments on your 4: Anybody who offers to add an applicant must initially make a post regarding it in the Yu-Gi-Oh group. Term: 2 . a few: No " Likewhoring” or " OC Stealing. ” Both are very disliked and condemned. Terms: 2 . six: Dueling=Optional, but not a need.


Terms: 3. 0: 8 moderators, all moderators report to mind admin/Chief Executive of the group (Sam) (Moderators will be Emily, Kalin, Kristen, Mo, Sam, Timothy, Duke and Joe) Group to be generated for moderators along with admin conversation for the moderators.

Disciplinary system:

Offer: 4. zero: A three or more lights system has been launched which is described below: Crimson, Yellow, and Green.

Terms: 4. you: Red is made for extremely severe offenses that poses a hazard to the group and its success, causes turmoil and total anarchy/chaos, as well as the integrity of the people inside it and/or affecting people on the exterior and/or supporters of our web pages. It also pertains to persistent abusers of discolored light crimes, to admins continuously neglecting to carry out obligations without a feasible reason or putting the group in danger many times. Reddish colored light offense based exclusion can be undertaken by the Chief Executive without informing his own admins.

For example: Among our ex girlfriend or boyfriend members just lately committed a serious red mild offense, getting yourself into arguments with group admins/group members, declining to acknowledge his very own mistakes, applying extremely bad and abominable language.

TAKE NOTE: Red mild offenses are extremely serious and are only to be used in a point out of urgent or serious internal turmoil, or the moment other admins or not available to assist the primary Executive much more strife.

Action for committing a crimson light offense can range by indefinite to permanent expulsion without appeal from the group/admin chat, long term exclusion from all group YGO competitions and/or tournaments organized by a group member, and other punishments deemed suitable by the Chief Executive and/or different admins.

Offer: 4. two: Yellow is made for offenses that cause inner and/or external strife among members/admins in the neighborhood, for admins who will not carry out their duties devoid of providing evidence, and for hazards deemed also serious for the Green crime (Such since posting any sort of pornographic content material, including Hentai and Yaoi, in the group)

E. g.: Using chocarrero language upon fans without provocation or perhaps failing to reply to a situation proportionately. Triggering strife to members is also a yellow-colored card wrongdoing.

Punishments will probably be as considered by both the Chief Business and/or with all the approval in the admins. One of a consequence deemed suitable for a yellow-colored offense can be expulsion through the admin group and becoming denied use of group competitions for a week/month, depending on the offense and its significance.

Clauses: four. 3: Ok offenses are relatively...

Links: to content material that is banned and listed as one of the lumination offenses happen to be allowed providing there is a very clear warning that clicking on the link would wrap up such articles.


First and foremost, remember. We are not " Gods” or kings. We could simply facebook . com page admins. Everyone deserves to be remedied equally and everybody shall be held responsible for their personal actions, which can be as it must be. No one is exempt from these types of rules, not even the moderators or the Leader.

We should all take pleasure in and value one another. Petty squabbles happen all the time, although that is zero excuse intended for drama. Sort out your fights like adults in future, mainly because from now on, consequence is possible and shall be done without mercy in the event that an infarction arises.

It is also important to remember that lackluster rules and poor firm was you should know for the recent difficulties.

Certain admins were grunting and moaning about having rules earlier. To those, My spouse and i ask this: Would you rather have an organized community with punishment and calamite for troublemakers, and good organization, and also the total disturbance and municipal war that broke out yesterday? If you believe in the groups needs, then the response is evident.

Ways to become an admin:

Fresh admins are added and taken off on a regular basis. If you wish to consider an active portion in as being a group admin, simply be active in the group/chat, certainly be a positive effect on others and yourself and eventually you may get discovered and gain our trust.



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